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Steve signed up as an official distributor of the Herbalife range of products after trying the range himself and obtaining the most astonishing results:

'I was leading a ridiculously busy life running my businesses which involved working long days as well as long nights, trying to keep up regular exercise, and maintaining my household... with the hectic pace of life I was finding that I was waking up in the mornings with numerous aches in my muscles and joints that stayed with me throughout the day... my body needed something!!!

I did a huge amount of research on dietary and nutritional supplements, and came across the Herbalife range of nutritional products... the company was formed in 1980, and their nutritional milk shakes are the world's number one meal replacement product... with that knowledge, I thought that I would give their products a try... the results were truly amazing!!!

Within a week all of my muscle and joint aches had completely disappeared, and I was able to get back into 'top gear' with ailments no longer 'slowing me down'.

I did it with a combination of a Herbalife milkshake, one multi-vitamin tablet and one Omega-3 fish oil tablet per day.

24ProductRangeThat's what worked for me, but I realise that we are all built differently, and you may require a different solution to me... I used the Herbalife range to supplement my (already good) diet, but many Herbalife customers use the products as part of a weight loss regime, replacing one or two meals a day with a nutritionally balanced milkshake.

I now have a number of clients who use the Herbalife range of nutritional products to aid / resolve their weight loss and fitness issues.

Please contact me using the form below if you would like further information on either my story, or on what the Herbalife range of fitness and nutritional supplements can potentially do for you.


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