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Herbalife TestimoniesI first came into contact with Herbalife when I was about 13 years old. My mother lost a whole load of weight using it and was a successful distributor at the time. As there was so much of it in the household I started using at well. I lost weight and began to do fencing... within 3 years I was a nationally ranked fencer. I still count that time as the boost that started me off.

Sadly however, body dysmorphia is a horrible thing and as I was a slightly chubby boy, I had grown up being told I was fat. When that’s all you hear you believe it. I look back at photos from then and I absolutely wasn’t but as my brain was conditioned to believe the opposite, it became a self fulfilling prophesy.

When I started a mind numbingly boring desk job around 17yrs old I pretty much quit exercising and put on weight so quickly that I developed huge stretch marks on my stomach which are still very visible to this day.

I never shifted this weight but I did excercise and would yo-yo in size, but I always weighed in at 17-18 stone.

As I got older this crept up to 19 stones then last August (2017) I hit 40 years old and was weighing 20 stone! Add to this severe pain from years of doing the same physical activity at work and I hit breaking point.

Food has always been my addiction and being on the road a lot I survived on petrol station food and drive through rubbish.

Breakfast and lunch were always the hardest meals to prepare for as I often eat whilst driving.

image2v2I then remembered Herbalife!

I was actively looking for a supplier when one day I spotted Steve’s car in a petrol station and approached him.

Simply replacing my breakfast and lunch with Herbalife shakes and some top up snacks combined with exercise I am currently down 2 stones and 7 pounds. I believe this would be more in weight terms had I not been working out as well because I think I am carrying much more lean muscle now.

My body shape has changed dramatically and my pain levels have decreased hugely.

I still eat food I enjoy I just watch how much and how often I’m naughty. The simple fact of having meal replacements has not only made my life easier but I have more energy during the day.

I also use Herbalife NRG tables which are basically Guarana extract which gives a natural caffeine boost. When I’m flagging I reach for these now instead of a redbull. The results are better and there’s no sugar.

For anyone considering Herbalife I would say that if you overeat or like me or end up eating badly out of convenience, then this is really worth a shot... The new flavours are great and I actually look forward to my shakes every time.

If you are looking to make a change, this will really help you along... Mix it with an active lifestyle and you will see results.

A line I love is ‘If you want what you’ve never had, then you need to be prepared to do what you’ve never done’.

Lee B.

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